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We Create Smiles and Build Confidence

DotDotSmile is an innovative, unique, and dynamic company in the Children’s Clothing Market that exists to create smiles and build confidence.

DotDotSmile started with a vision to bring smiles and confidence to little girls by designing pretty dresses. Since then, the vision has expanded; we have come out with rompers, jumpers, t-shirts, leggings, backpacks, and swimsuits.

The outpouring of excitement and support from our Merchandisers and customers has been overwhelming! As DotDotSmile continues to evolve, we would love to have you grow with our company. Please join us in pursuing our purpose of creating smiles and building confidence!

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How it Works


1. Choose Your Inventory

Get started by completing the enrollment order with your favorites styles!


2. Receive Your Training Materials

While you wait for your inventory to arrive, we take you through a 21-day training program that gives you the in’s and out’s to become a successful DotDotSmile Merchandiser.


3. Create Smiles

Start creating smiles and building confidence by selling your DotDotSmile inventory to your network.

Sell In Person or Online!

What You Will Find

Monthly Webinars
Onboarding Training Series
Marketing Resources
Leadership Training
Analytics and Support Training
Your Own Replicated Website
Amazing Opportunity to Grow
Trips and Travel Opportunities

And so much More!

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Join DotDotSmile
Join DotDotSmile

DotDotSmile Merchandiser Testimonials

“Signing up to become a Merchandiser with DotDotSmile is the best decision I've made in a long time. I joined two years ago and it has been so much fun! I love the fact that I get to include my family.“
Jane M.
“A year and a half ago, we decided to become Merchandisers after seeing firsthand the magic that DotDotSmile dresses bring to a child's life. Our daughter loved the dresses, we loved the dresses, and we really believed in the product.“
Angelina and Zach S.
“One of my favorite parts about this business is that I'm able to stay home with my kids and don't have to miss anything, but still am able to bring in the income that we definitely need.“
Katy G.
Giving back

Giving Back

At DotDotSmile, we develop strong partnerships with nonprofit organizations who are solving issues that help advance people’s lives. We believe in people and helping them to a path where they can thrive. So far we’ve partnered with CHOC Children’s Hospital, Charity Vision, and Operation Underground Railroad.

What Sets Us Apart

DotDotSmile was founded on and abides by a set of core values.

GRATITUDE: We Express Gratitude In Everything We Do

OPTIMISM: We Face Challenges With Optimism

ACCOUNTABILITY: We Do What We Say We Will Do

TEAMWORK: We Work Together As A Team

FUN: We Work Hard and Have Fun Doing It

INNOVATION: We Innovate With Creativity and Constant Improvement

RESPECT: We Respect Everyone

EMPATHY: We Listen To Understand and Genuinely Care

INTEGRITY: We Act With Honesty and Integrity

QUALITY: We Provide High-Quality Products And Service

This company adheres to these values, which makes DotDotSmile a strong business that everyone is proud to represent.

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Join DotDotSmile
Join DotDotSmile